Getting Started - Vault Vision

This setup will get you up and running with a local web application where you can experiment with all the flow and integration points of Vault Vision’s user authentication platform.


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React application user authentication setup

Create an Account at Vault Vision

Navigate to Register and create an account.

Use the getting started wizard and create a tenant with a default application

Navigate to Getting Started and create a tenant and application.

First you will need to choose a name for the url for your login and registration pages. Pick a name for your tenant address, use our address or a custom domain with our Professional Plan (Free 30 day trial).

You can accept all the defaults, although you will need to give your tenant and application a name. The name can be anything, it’s only purpose is to help you distingish it later when you have multiple tenants and applications.


For these default local applications make sure you select ‘Single Page Web App’ as the Application Type.

Single Page Web App

Option 1 create a React Application with our React js boilerplate

npm run start

Option 2 create an application using our HTML boilerplate

npm run start